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Award-winning representation for high net worth clients

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Firm News

When you’re in the public eye, or you have significant assets, you may confront many complicated legal issues that the general public doesn’t have to face. Not many lawyers have the experience, knowledge and skillset to address those multifaceted issues in a discreet manner.

Award-winning attorney Preston Sterling Kerr does. He focuses his practice on representing high-profile and high net worth clients across the nation. With a wealth of experience in the many areas of law that affect a higher-touch clientele, he offers comprehensive legal counsel geared toward:

  • Safeguarding your assets and financial interests, including your intellectual property
  • Protecting your reputation and public image
  • Advancing your career through strategic contracts, endorsement deals and business relationships
  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts to ensure that your interests are protected
  • Navigating criminal charges and their impact on your public image
  • Addressing family law conflicts such as divorce and custody in a way that prioritizes your privacy
  • Preparing a solid estate plan to preserve your wealth for future generations

When you work with Preston, you will benefit from his many years of experience providing high-caliber legal representation.

Learn More: Read A Free White Paper

Preston Sterling Kerr recently published a free white paper addressing the many legal concerns that high-profile individuals face. Entitled “Comprehensive Legal Counsel For Celebrities And High Net Worth Individuals,” it offers valuable insight into how to navigate legal concerns with the help of a skilled lawyer such as Preston.

You can download the paper online at no charge.