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Well-off newcomers to Nevada and long-term residents alike, including those who are in the entertainment and sports industries, have unique legal concerns. When they look for a lawyer who understands that and will serve them well, they often turn to the law offices of Preston Sterling Kerr. There, they find trustworthy, full-service legal counsel tailored to their needs.

Attorney Preston Sterling Kerr has represented many high-profile and high net worth individuals in the Las Vegas region and beyond. For a brief summary of his background and qualifications, follow this link:

As a niche area of his general practice law firm, he tailors services specifically for entertainers and professional athletes who require discretion, efficiency and personalized solutions.

Practice Areas Of Concern To Many

Preston Sterling Kerr advises them on a full array of legal issues, including estate law, contracts, real estate, criminal defense and family law.

As needed, he also helps with other legal issues or points clients in the direction of legal professionals from the vast network that he has built up over several decades.

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