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Contract, Business And Real Estate Law Tailored To Entertainers And Athletes In Las Vegas

Last updated on April 25, 2023

Contracts are the lifeblood of entertainers, such as singers, dancers, dramatic performance directors and film industry leaders. Professional athletes also count on contract bids and negotiations to ensure advancement in their careers.

For these and other reasons, the law office of Preston Sterling Kerr has become an in-demand, respected legal resource for high-profile individuals in the entertainment and sports fields.

Who Needs Business And Real Estate Counsel From Preston Sterling Kerr?

Las Vegas often figures into crucial career moves for both entertainers and athletes through circumstances such as the following:

  • Prominent entertainers often find themselves in Las Vegas for residencies.
  • Others live here full-time or maintain second homes here, perhaps out of preference for laws in Nevada. among other reasons.
  • Athletes – including coaches, trainers and other support personnel – with the Las Vegas Raiders football team, the Vegas Golden Knights (hockey), the Las Vegas Aces (basketball), the Las Vegas 51s (baseball) and the Las Vegas Lights FC (soccer) typically come from elsewhere and reside in Las Vegas full-time or part-time as long as they are on those teams.

Many such clients of attorney Preston Sterling Kerr have a great deal on the line when it is time to entertain bids and then negotiate or renegotiate contracts. Some seek help enforcing existing contracts or addressing troublesome situations such as harassment or criminal accusations. Some want to start businesses with Las Vegas as the headquarters. Buying, leasing, subleasing and selling residential and investment real estate in the region are also critical areas of concern for many entertainers and professional athletes in Las Vegas. Preston Sterling Kerr provides a full range of legal services for many of them.

Experienced, Sophisticated And Respected

Attorney Preston Sterling Kerr has decades of experience in complex areas of the law. His law firm serves an array of clients, and within that practice, he has carved a significant niche serving entertainers and athletes as well as other high net worth individuals.

Perhaps you are not an entertainer or athlete, but you have significant investments in Las Vegas for which you need legal advice. To discuss your legal concerns related to contracts, business startups and operations, real estate transactions or litigation in any of these areas, call 888-684-7607 or send an online inquiry.