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Get Your Divorce On The Path To Resolution In Las Vegas

Last updated on April 25, 2023

If your marriage has fallen apart and you also have to worry about your reputation as an entertainer or athlete in the public eye, this is not the time to try a do-it-yourself divorce in Las Vegas or work with a lawyer who is unfamiliar with family courts in this area. Yes, divorces can be completed more quickly here than in many other states, but you owe it to yourself to be sure all key areas of consequence are properly addressed.

At the law offices of Preston Sterling Kerr, prominent entertainers, public athletes and businesspeople can find the quality of legal counsel that they seek when divorce is approaching.

Why Get Divorced In Las Vegas?

If you are from another state or country, but you are doing a performance residency here or playing with one of the professional sports teams in the region, you may wonder where to start your divorce. It may feel natural to consider working with an attorney in your home state.

However, you may find Nevada’s laws to be more favorable to you here. For example, the required residency for you or your spouse is only six weeks. How can you establish residency for the purpose of getting a divorce? Consult with attorney Preston Sterling Kerr for a no-nonsense review of your circumstances. He can help you expedite your divorce while protecting your assets through all aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Inventorying and dividing assets
  • Dividing responsibility for debts
  • Determining whether spousal support will apply before and/or after the divorce
  • Determining whether one of you will be responsible for paying for health insurance for the other after the divorce
  • Determining custody of your children as well as child support, if applicable

Attorney Preston Sterling Kerr will also help you with other family law matters, including:

  • Negotiating and creating a premarital or postnuptial agreement
  • Exploring options for exercising your visitation rights as a grandparent
  • Petitioning for modification of an existing court order, such as alimony amounts or duration
  • After a reconciliation with your ex-spouse, remarrying in Las Vegas, taking advantage of Nevada’s lack of a waiting period after getting a marriage license

In any family law case, Preston Sterling Kerr will advocate skillfully in support of your interests. For example, he will help make sure that a one-time performance or short-term sports team assignment will not be used by your spouse to artificially inflate your average income. If you need to address the use or sale of your marital home, he can also offer his proficiency as a real estate lawyer to help expedite the resolution of this part of your divorce.

Reach Out To An Experienced, Respected Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer

A divorce or legal separation is never a pleasant experience, but resolving it efficiently and in support of your interests can be a great relief. Put the law office of Preston Sterling Kerr on your side from the start.

Call 888-684-7607, or send an email to inquire about any marriage or divorce-related issue or any other family law matter. Don’t let your family law concerns derail your entertainment or sports career at a time when it is more important to you than ever.